Saturday, August 7, 2010

new fabric

Well, I have several things that I've been wanting to post about. For example, Finley's sweet little nursery and the new quilt I started this week (I finally started a Flea Market Fancy queen size quilt, and am 24 blocks into it, eek!) . But I've been lazy and haven't gotten around to taking any pictures yet. So hopefully that will be soon!

So what am I doing this morning? Browsing the internet for new fabric, of course! Did I mention that I haven't bought any non-etsy-store related fabric for myself in months? I am getting really bored with my current supply of fabric, and am having trouble finding anything that I can't live without. I really love the new Meadowsweet 2 and Far Far Away 2, but I don't really have a need for a girly quilt right now (though I'm going to get the FFA2 just to have, I'll do something with it later!).

I need some suggestions! What fabric are you buying lately, what has caught your eye? I'd really love to hear!

Here are some of the fabric collections that are being released this fall that will definitely be coming to my house...


Jilly said...

Have you seen Tina Givens' new line "Opal Owl"?

I especially love the yellow/brown colourway.

AMKreations said...

I love the colors in Dream on and Beach Mod Circa 60. I picked up some fabric local with some great oranges and browns. I love looking at fabric.