Sunday, August 22, 2010

more stashing

Ahhh, I absolutely love these little ladybugs by Tula Pink.

I came across these lovely little ladies this past week, and I am so happy to add them to my fabric stash. I'm pretty sure the red colorway is my favorite. I am hoping to swap some of the pink or red for the blue or yellow ladybugs on a white background. I'm off to add this photo to the fabric swap group on flickr. Happy Tuesday!
xo, Angela

PS - Check out these two fantastic giveaways!!!!

KarrieLyne at Freckled Whimsy

Heather at a la mode fabric


Leslie said...

oooh i love these....i have had the blue and yellow in the past...i might need to go check out my stash and see what i have anymore.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

do you know I'm already buying some freebird ovals because of you? I'm so glad you showed them off, because I don't want to miss them!