Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My latest Etsy purchases

Oh, how I love Etsy. Not only do I sell there, it is my favorite place to shop. Here are a few of my latest purchases. Click on the photos to see what else these amazing artists are creating.

For Weston, my little gnome fan...

For my husband for Father's Day (with the boys' names, of course!)

And for me... she was too cute, I had to buy her. She now sits in my sewing studio.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Angela, it's so nice to be featured in your blog, and with thebrickkiln, no less! Thanks so much, my dear!

zukzuk said...

Yes, Etsy can be quite addictive can't it? Have you ever tallied up everything you've purchased there and measured it against how much you've sold? Startling stuff I can assure you.

Very dear little studio companion!

Have a great week - so pleased I can comment now!

Danielle Kirsch said...

Hi Angie!! That's too funny! I love gnomes too! Weston has good taste! Jer doesn't really care for them & I wanted so badly to put one in our landscape in front of the house..my parents got us one for Easter because they had heard me talking about them..ha.ha., so now we have a new addition in the landscape..congrats on the store! Hope you find lots of success!